Chaos You Know!

St. Louis Chaos Parents, Family, and Coaches,

My name is Tim Ware. My wife Emily, my daughter Lillian (2023), and I would like to say thank you for the amazing last 10 years. Lily will be attending and playing softball at Emory University in Atlanta, GA this fall. I’m writing this as I sit in the Los Angeles airport full of emotions, just finishing our last travel ball tournament at the Alliance Fastpitch Nationals in Chino Hills, CA. It was an amazing tournament and the perfect end to our travel ball journey.

We are so thankful to so many people in the Chaos Organization. We started this journey at 8U and we wouldn’t change anything. We have made many friends, traveled to about twenty states, made many family memories, and COMPETED!

This organization has so many amazing Coaches and families! We want to personally say THANK YOU to Evan Beatty, Rachel Gill, Lindsey Benck, Mike Gill, Steve Mazzola, Randy Viefhaus, Maggie Viefhaus Panter, Jessica Silver, and Corey Lessmann. These amazing people are not only some of the best coaches in the country but they are all wonderful humans who we consider to be part of our family. They have huge hearts and a desire to COMPETE at every level.

Learning to play the Chaos way at an early age is invaluable. Lily participated in catching and hitting lessons for the last ten years, indoor practices, outdoor practices, camps, and extra work which all played a huge role in her development and success.

If we could give out any advice, it would be to TRUST THE PROCESS. There will be ups and downs. There will be wins and plenty of loses. But trust the process. Your daughter can’t earn a scholarship at 10U but she can build the foundation for one when it matters. The process through those early years will prepare her to succeed in the toughest of situations.

COMMUNICATE! During the ups and downs communication is very important. Talk with your coaches, listen to what they have to say, and know that they are doing their best. I know that in my heart!

BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF THE ORGANIZATION! There are several new coaches and teams in the organization that will be exciting to watch. I know all of them will start and continue playing softball the Chaos Way!

Lastly, whether you are 10U or 18U, you are part of a family that is in my opinion second to none. When you walk into the ballpark in that Chaos uniform or fan gear it means something. It means that this game is going to be a battle. It means the fans will be respectful of the calls on the field, and the decisions in the dugout. It means we COMPETE! It means one loss or win doesn’t define us but our actions on and off the field do.

If you ever need anything or ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Go Chaos!

Tim, Emily, and Lily Ware